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MLS 2016 - Swimming Hall of Fame

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Moville Lighthouse Swim 2016 - Swimming Hall of Fame ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Position Swim No. Time First Name Family Name Group Gender Attire Position
1 25 16:34 Ciara Doran Junior Female Skins JFS 1st ***
2 24 17:42 Emer Kelly Junior Female Skins JFS 2nd
3 22 19:32 Cormac Gillen Adult Male Skins AMS 1st ***
4 36 19:59 Sean Campbell Adult Male Skins AMS 2nd
5 82 20:07 Darren Debine Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 1st ***
6 114 21:02 Julie Murphy Adult Female Skins AFS 1st ***
7 116 21:08 Ethan Browne Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 2nd
8 18 21:46 Karl-Michael Schneider Adult Male Skins AMS 3rd
9 109 21:48 Daniel Meehan Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 3rd
10 95 22:13 Meadb McCloskey Adult Female Skins AFS 2nd
11 125 22:19 Ruth Mcguigan Adult Female Skins AFS 3rd
12 69 22:34 Jack Boyle Adult Male Skins AMS 4th
13 46 22:37 Colm Maguire Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 4th
14 5 22:42 Olive Conroy Junior Female Skins JFS 3rd
15 73 23:03 Patrick Bond Adult Male Skins AMS 5th
16 103 23:14 Sarah Patton Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 1st ***
17 8 23:21 Stephen Archer Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 5th
18 29 23:21 Lauren Archer Junior Female Wetsuit JFW 1st ***
19 37 23:52 Emma Van Loock Adult Female Skins AFS 4th
20 61 24:11 Caroline Boyle Adult Female Skins AFS 5th
21 128 24:31 Aidan Cutliffe Junior Male Wetsuit JMW 1st ***
22 28 24:41 Darren Bradley Adult Male Skins AMS 6th
23 23 24:45 Heather McLaughlin Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 2nd
24 100 25:00 Austin Cutliffe Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 6th
25 54 25:17 Jill Mills Adult Female Skins AFS 6th
26 59 25:18 Barry Dunne Adult Male Skins AMS 7th
27 10 25:22 Paul Gormley Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 7th
28 127 25:45 Dawson Hinds Adult Male Skins AMS 8th
29 16 25:46 Jeff Gallagher Adult Male Skins AMS 9th
30 31 25:54 Caroline McFarland Adult Female Skins AFS 7th
31 118 25:59 Dylan Browne Junior Male Wetsuit JMW 2nd
32 83 26:13 Charlie Hamilton Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 8th
33 102 26:24 Padraig Hribar Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 9th
34 108 26:41 Rea Doherty Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 4th
35 1 26:47 Jim Reid Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 10th
36 20 26:57 Shane Doherty Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 11th
37 47 27:02 Michael Kennedy Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 12th
38 79 27:07 Mary Bramley Adult Female Skins AFS 8th
39 115 27:13 Daniel Browne Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 13th
40 70 27:23 Pat Gaynor Adult Male Skins AMS 10th
41 14 27:32 Donal McGuinness Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 14th
42 74 27:47 John Simpson Adult Male Skins AMS 11th
43 68 27:55 Eoin Mac Crosain Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 15th
44 98 28:01 Philip Magill Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 16th
45 85 28:25 Brian Kelly Adult Male Skins AMS 12th
46 2 29:00 Anne Watt Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 5th
47 4 30:17 Ian Withers Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 17th
48 62 30:17 Bryan McFarland Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 18th
49 26 30:27 Kieran Coyle Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 19th
50 113 30:51 Bren Whelan Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 20th
51 126 30:55 Hanna Shields Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 6th
52 76 31:12 Jennifer Doonan Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 7th
53 17 32:03 Brian Scullion Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 21st
54 101 33:31 Karen Cutliffe Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 8th
55 123 33:39 Nadine Grant Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 9th
56 71 33:45 Aoife MacLaverty Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 10th
57 78 34:18 Deborah Smyth Adult Female Skins AFS 9th
58 150 34:27 Gerard Brown Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 22nd
59 45 34:36 Melissa Quigley Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 11th
60 75 34:47 Katy Moore Adult Female Skins AFS 10th
61 44 35:00 Darren Boyle Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 23rd
62 49 35:38 Martin McCullough Adult Male Skins AMS 13th
63 41 35:54 Eamonn Devlin Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 24th
64 90 36:14 Patricia Heffernan Adult Female Skins AFS 11th
65 39 36:30 Rosie Brennan Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 12th
66 48 36:54 Ray Kennedy Adult Male Skins AMS 14th
67 65 38:09 Margaret Gallagher Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 13th
68 34 38:17 Meg Bowles Adult Female Skins AFS 12th
69 66 38:17 Ciara Steele Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 14th
70 89 39:00 Denis O'Leary Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 25th
71 3 39:07 Berenice Maher Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 16th
72 60 40:57 Maurice Harkin Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 26th
73 56 40:58 Carmel Quigley Adult Female Skins AFS 13th
74 43 40:59 Paul Mclaughlin Adult Male Skins AMS 15th
75 15 42:18 Martina Ring Adult Female Skins AFS 14th
76 55 43:08 Alissa McTague Junior Female Wetsuit JFM 2nd
77 77 43:40 Richard Gilmour Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 28th
78 58 44:03 John Murray Adult Male Skins AMS 16th
79 63 44:06 Fiona Kerr Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 17th
80 32 44:20 Leo Gillen Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 29th
81 106 46:40 Michael McGrath Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 30th
82 27 47:32 Claire McTague Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 18th
83 96 49:02 Mervin OMahoney Adult Male Skins AMS 17th
84 6 49:43 Grainne Gillen Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 19th
85 67 51:29 Kieran Toner Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 31st
86 13 52:56 Peadar McKevitt Adult Male Skins AMS 18th
87 92 54:00 Martin Doherty Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 32nd
88 57 56:53 Maeve Gillen Adult Female Wetsuit AFW 20th
89 35 01:02:20 Carl Mast Adult Male Wetsuit AMW 33rd
90 88 DNF Fliónn McLaughlin Junior Male Wetsuit DNF
91 84 DNS Bridie Power Adult Female Skins DNS
92 87 DNS Lisa Carroll Adult Female Skins DNS
93 93 DNS Nuala White Adult Female Skins DNS
94 99 DNS Edele Mcgirr Adult Female Skins DNS
95 112 DNS Donna Philson Adult Female Skins DNS
96 33 DNS Juie Shetye Adult Female Wetsuit DNS
97 64 DNS Kathleen Mcginley Adult Female Wetsuit DNS
98 104 DNS Kerry Cullen Adult Female Wetsuit DNS
99 111 DNS Priscilla Martin Adult Female Wetsuit DNS
100 9 DNS Ronan McClean Adult Male Skins DNS
101 53 DNS Edmund Tunney Adult Male Skins DNS
102 110 DNS Karl McCarron Adult Male Skins DNS
103 19 DNS Brendan Doherty Adult Male Wetsuit DNS
104 30 DNS Mark Lynch Adult Male Wetsuit DNS
105 38 DNS Peter Wilson Adult Male Wetsuit DNS
106 105 DNS David Cullen Adult Male Wetsuit DNS
107 107 DNS Eddie Martin Adult Male Wetsuit DNS
108 121 DNS Darren Boyle Adult Male Wetsuit DNS
109 122 DNS Ryan Vekins Adult Male Wetsuit DNS
110 124 DNS David Gough Adult Male Wetsuit DNS
111 132 DNS Conor Friel Adult Male Wetsuit DNS
*** Swimmer placed first in their category
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Moville Lighthouse Swim 2016 - Swimming Hall of Fame ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Moville Lighthouse Swim 2016 - Supporters, Sponsors and Scribes ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Many thanks to all the following without whom Moville Lighthouse Swim 2016 would not be possible:

Inish Adventures - Support kayaks, marine & event advice (
Irish Coast Guard, Greencastle Unit - Marine Safety & IMARSAR EXPO 2016 (
The Loughs Agency, who part funded the swim under the Sustainable Development Fund: (

Camlough Lake Water Festival (CLWF) - H2O Play Swim Series & Global Swim Series - Insurance & Open Water Expertise (
Infinity Channel Swimming - Pádraig Mallon - Safety Boat, Lifeguards, Open Water Expertise (
Wild Water Armagh - Ian Conroy - Open Water Expertise (

Foyle Rowing Club - Entire club who voluntarily made their facilities available to the swimmers (
Caiseal Mara Hotel - Support & Facilities for the Swimmers & Supporters (
Eamon Gillen & Sons Ltd - Light snacks for Swimmers (

Caoimhne Barr, Inishowen Independent (
Gerry McLaughlin, CraicOn Publicity (
Alex, Arlene, Sinead, Tara, Ian, Sarah, Alannah, Izzie- Volunteer Timekeeping Team
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Moville Lighthouse Swim 2016 - Supporters, Sponsors and Special people ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Moville Lighthouse Swim 2016 - Charity contributions ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Charities supported & online donations made to date:
Aware - We bring care and support to people affected by depression across NI - GBP 309
Aware - We provide information, education & support to individuals who experience depression - EURO 375
Fahan Swimmers' Summer Swim Challenge - supporting Childhood Cancer Foundation - EURO 756.25
Individual Swimmer - supporting The Siobhan Devlin Remembrance Fund / Stroke Association - GBP 20
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Moville Lighthouse Swim 2016 - Charity contributions ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Moville Lighthouse Swim 2016 - Swimmer Quotes ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Swim went amazing! Really enjoyed it! Conditions where grand ! Just a wee bit 'blowey' haha.
I really enjoyed the swim, the buzz and the craic about the event - great event - will be back next year without a doubt!
I particularly like the challenge of currents going around the lighthouse :-D
The sea was a little choppy which i didn't really mind, i think we also got the wake of the naval ship which was fine.
I would definitely come back and i would recommend it, especially for first timers as a introduction to open water swim.
Fantastic swim. Excellent organization. Legend!!!

Standing on the pier gazing at the Lighthouse, the distance looked readily attainable however the choppy water Midway really brought the challenge to light !!!
Stopping at the Lighthouse I thought it might be interesting to take a breather and enjoy the Lighthouse from this unique perspective. But quickly realised that stopping really meant going in reverse but a maximum effort push got me around on this occasion then the current slung me forward some distance past.

When u said sling shot around the lighthouse I thought you were joking.
We were thrilled to complete the challenge in our group of seven it was our first formal open water swim.
We've been swimming Swilly side since April it was a very different sea.
We would definitely return as as although the conditions were quite choppy we felt really safe in the water.
There were so many canoes and kayaks and when I drifted slightly off course there was plenty of voices redirecting me quite quickly.

Some of the things that I love about the swim are that it is a community swim; that it is free to us; there is a wonderful atmosphere and it is a great chance to meet new swimmers from all arts and parts; the chance to share food and thoughts about the swim is brilliant.

The lighthouse is such an iconic sight that it is fantastic to be able to swim out and back, it is not something one should/would not do on their own.
I think it is a swim for people who have some experience of sea conditions, having said that it is a very doable swim because it is short.
There is great safety knowing the support is there. This swim has such a great reputation - great fun but a serious challenge!
I will definitely be back next year and will have more people with me. I am still waiting for the conditions of 2014!

People came from far and wide to swim a short 1.2k swim - there's a reason for that. Well worth the trip.
Because of the earlier start for the swim came up the night before - lovely pubs, great pints and friendly atmosphere!
Love the swim - quite a challenge this year, but such a buzz when you get round. See you next year!
MLS enabled me to do a good looking swim route that I wouldn't dare do alone in choppy waters.
Really impressed by the children. Will try and get mine out next year.
Happy to circuit the lighthouse better than walking on the moon.

First ever open swim but not last, I came up from Magherafelt early and by chance parked behind another participant from Sligo, I was a bit nervous considering weather conditions but he put my mind at ease after explaining tricks of OWS but I did find it tough finding my way back after going round lighthouse. Later when home I received an email that I had a donation to my charity I am supporting - from the other participant. There are so many decent people unsung heroes in our country.

It was my first year and I found it very tough but still managed it!! Trauma of the Foyle washing machine lol! Wish I was there and able.
Moville Lighthouse Swim 2016 done! I think I spent more time moving through the air, than the water due to the waves!
Great organisation and terrific to see people from so many different places. Roll on next year. ☺
A super fun swim to the lighthouse and back, we really enjoyed the ride! Great challenging conditions and with second to none safety back up.

Lots of new faces and was lovely to see familiar ones too! This is an old favourite already X
Thanks for a great day folks. Excellently organised and appreciation to all involved - especially the kayaker who encouraged me to the finish line :-)
Arcadia Bathing Club goes International @ Moville Lighthouse Swim. A classic swim in very enjoyable and entertaining conditions.

Unforgettable swim today, we will not forget it. Hard going getting around Moville Lighthouse Swim.
Great swim. A bit tight in places. Delighted to have completed this very well organised and friendly swim.
A tough but fun swim well done. Tough swim, very bouncy. We made it, all three of us.
Bouncy swim, great safety crew and some lovely fellow crazy open water swimmers, see you all again next year- with a few more Phoenix swimmers in tow.

The biggest challenge now will be to get one of the coveted 100 places for next years swim...
The Irish Navy standing by as a support vessel... only at the Moville Lighthouse Swim!
The calm before the chop-fest. Great day for a dip at Moville. :)
Great event. Definitely one for the annual calendar!
That was some craic, wet & wild. Awesome!
That looks choppy!

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Moville Lighthouse Swim 2016 - Swimmer Quotes ~~~ ~~~ ~~~